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Ultima Online 20th Anniversary
“What’s Coming to Britannia” and Q&A

Current team (in order introduced):

Producer: Bonnie “Mesanna” Armstrong
Quality Assurance: Michael “Misk” Armstrong
Customer Service and Billing Manager: TalalSaad
Secondary Artist: Tori Guarino
Primary Artist: Jim “Onifrk” Crawley
Designer: Greg “Kyronix” Havlusch
Software Engineer: Stephen “Bleak” Brown

-Except for the artists, the whole teamplays UO and has for years. (And will never tell you which shards!)

-What’s Coming in Our Next Publish?
-Enhanced client particle effect filters-should help with lag at EM effects and large effects(EC客戶端的部分特效過濾器:避免EM活動時因特效過大過多而造成lag,不得不提那該死的SA系列王獨有的白畫面特效以及地上火焰特效)
-Ability to cancel pet training- allowplayers to remove any remaining points they have on pets(寵物訓練時可以取消掉剩餘點數了)
-Enhanced client- ability to scale genericgumps without scaling entire UI

-Veteran rewards(新的年資禮)
-Enchanted writing desk: inscription(抄寫桌)
-Titan statuettes (泰坦雕像)
-Animated koi ponds (house add-ons)- watersource, non-fishable (水系動畫房屋布置物)
-Ethereal serpentine dragon (乙太中國龍)
-Holiday Artisan Festival Rewards:
-New vice and virtue themed items(lanterns, sculptures, and paintings)
-Updated pillows art
Holiday Gift Token:
-Jewelry box, holds 500 jewelry pieces,sort by type (ring, necklace, bracelet, talisman, earrings), dyable   (珠寶盒!!  可以放500個飾品:戒、項鍊、環、護身符、耳環,然後有人說只佔一個鎖定數!!)盒子可染色
-candy cane (hand dipped by dev teammembers), bells, ribbon (EM team), new holiday garland (light source) (handstrung by alliterative UO creature name)
Valentine’s Gift:
-Four patio-style chairs and table withcandle that produces a heart shaped smoke ring, comes in a heart shaped box

-Store items:
-Day of the Dead veil and tophat, when youput them on you appear dead/white
-Spider trophy
-Five new robes- when you buy the robe youhave a choice which one you want
-“UO Swag Store”- shirts, mugs, pictures,canvases--Broadsword providing the art, we can put on whatever we want, willship international, tentative ETA by the end of the year
-Official UO.com forums- almost finished,can not post without an active UO account, EMs will have own shards, if youpost in CS forum he will answer it (官方討論版,版上將由EM回答玩家問題)
-account management is “20 years ofspaghetti code” and is not going to be done any time soon
-pushing for ability for players to linkand unlink their own accounts
-EndlessJourney (免費玩家方案)
-“a way to get players back into the game”
-encourage people to come back, get morepeople for us to play with
-“not at all going to put this as a “I winbutton” or “pay to win””
-“very limited”, can not have houses orboats, “not a way for you to pay for one month and get three months free”(EJ帳無法擁有房屋及船)
-if you cancel your account, you can not goto Endless Journey for 90 days because you can not go into houses (正常帳號停止付費後無法進入遊戲=無法進入房屋,90天之後(倒屋後)自動進入EJ資格,可進入遊戲)
-CAN NOT: go into houses, play EM events,get presents, get rewards(EJ帳號無法進入房屋、無法完EM活動、無法得到禮物、無法得到獎品)
-CAN: go in dungeons, PvP, play with yourfriends (EJ帳可以進入地城、PVP)

-EJ: new vault system
-shared storage across entire server forall characters for a monthly fee (EJ帳可付少許月費讓同一伺服器內所有角色共用儲存量)
-if a player misses a payment, otherplayers can start a bidding war over the contents of the vault (如果EJ玩家停止付存物費後,其他玩家可以透過競標?戰鬥? 來撿物)
-improvements to general chat, profanityfilters, and temporary ban system for spam and inppropriate language
-cross shard direct messaging- afterreceiving a request, able to chat with players on other shards directly andprivately  (可跨服與其他玩家溝通)

-streamline all streams of informationdevs, EMs, city governors, and guilds to a single gump-style menu-based towncryer system
-use as a way to kick off quests
-in its lifetime UO has had more than amillion players
-incorporating governor bulletin boards
-giving every account SA for free (所有帳號將免費升級至冥河深淵資料片!!!)

-Pub 100 &101:
-large bug fix publish
-castle builderfor TC1
-VvV update
Publish 102+ Ideas
-High Seas 2.0-new sea creature champ spawn, redoing ships/cannon, redoing pirate loot,redoing quests (新的深海生物壇、重製船及大砲系統、海盜、任務)
-Update community collections (更新集物系統,大概是圖書館、博物館換物)
-User-generated quest system- a system fornormal players to make their own quests/spawn without going through the PEC (玩家自製任務系統)

Q&A Session- Questions and answers areparaphrased. Anything surrounded by brackets [ ] was difficult to hear and Iwasn’t 100% sure I heard it right. Even being physically present in the room itwas often difficult to hear. If anyone can help fill in the gaps please let meknow and I’ll update.

Q: When is Endless Journey going to be madeavailable? (EJ系統何時啟動?)
A: No more RTB
-House must fall before EJ can becomeavailable on an account
-Shooting for March but not promising (目標是明年三月,但不保證)

Q: Why were the chocolate colored Medusadragons reverted to normal color?
A: They were an exploit.

Q: Will cooking bonus full aprons be usableby gargoyles?
A: They are working on it.

Q: Can we have an item search/organizationsystem for our houses and/or banks?
A: A grid style view for banks is in theworks. House search is difficult.

Q: How many subscribers does UO have?(UO有多少付費玩家? (笑))
A: EA will not allow Broadsword to tellsubscriber numbers, but we are doing really well. (EA不讓說,但我們實際上做得很好)

Q: Will the jewelry box take one lockdownfor 500 items? (珠寶盒內放500飾品只占1鎖定數?  答:沒錯)
A: Yes.

Q: Will Yew get a tree this year in theArtisan Festival? (It did not last year because it was the last on the list andthe Festival ended before it came up.)
A: We can flip the order so that Yew willget a tree.

Q: Does the possibility exist to get a gridview of the backpack in the classic client?
A: Yes (傳統客戶端的背包,將新增格狀檢視模式)

Q: Can you make some of the old deco giftscraftable?
A: No

Q: Will your account lose your its house ifyou go to Endless Journey?
A: Yes. An Endless Journey account can nothave a house.

Q: Can BOD skill bonus rewards beguaranteed to be worthwhile? (The example given was an 11/11 bonus item.)
A: We have to be able to reproduce issuesto address them. Email us with specific details so that we can try to reproduceit.

Q: Can we get turn-in points for [somethingto do with crafting]?
A: This is something we are always lookinginto.

Q: Can a setting be introduced that allowsteleport tiles be set to alliance-only?
A: Yes (傳送磚將新增”聯盟成員”選項)

Q: Will decay rates on IDOCs be changed?The timer is too long and advantages scripters.
A: At this point in time we are notadjusting the IDOC system or decay rates but we will talk about it.

Q: Can an Endless Journey account upgradeto a subscription?
A: Yes. Within 24 hours of upgrading to asubscription, an account will have full normal account status. (EJ帳號在付月費之後,24小時內可回復成正常帳號)

Q: Is there a possibility of putting in astatus bar on the mannequin for suitbuilders so they can see the stats as theybuild a suit?
A: That’s a good idea and they will lookinto it. (一個好建議:模特兒架穿上裝備後,可顯示出狀態列,用以檢視配裝)

Q: Can mastery primers be made bindable?
A: They’ve discussed this many times butare probably more likely to make them worth [turn-in or donation?] points.

Q: Can smaller population shards be given alower threshold for increasing the level of the Artisan Festival tree?
A: Kyronix visited as many trees as hecould last year and most were able to be raised to the last level. They willlook again at the levels.

Q: Multiboxing?
A: When EJ is released, multiboxing will beillegal. Until then, it will not be enforced.
(Note: I specifically asked Bleak at thebarbecue the next day if that meant that multi-CLIENTING would be deactivated.He stated that multi-clienting would be okay; only actual multi-boxing,controlling multiple accounts on the same keystrokes/controls, would beprohibited.) (EJ之後,一人同時控制多帳將成為非法)(大概是參加EM活動吧)

Q: Is fixing the particle effect issueactually going to help at EM events?
A: Yes. Particle effects currently aren’tworking correctly in EC.(3D客戶端現有某些特效在EM活動時無法正確表現=>將修復)

Q: Classic client healthbars that arelinked all disappear when you remove one. Can this be fixed?
A: We will work on it.  (傳統客戶端的血條如果黏貼在一起時,取消其中一個,將不會再全部不見)

Q: Can fishing baits be made more useful?
A: We aren’t touching the fishing baitsright now.

Q: Can BOD books be made to be one lockdownfor the book like the new jewelry box will be?(減少BOD訂單書占用的鎖定數=> NO!!)
A: No

Q: Can we get new quests for the old Tokunominor artifacts?
A: No, we would rather keep them forpossible future use/reactivation.

Q: Are there any discussions taking placeabout rebalancing artifact power versus craftable power?
A: This is constantly under discussion.

Q: Can you consider a boost to imbuing?
A: [asker went directly into nextquestion--this one did not get a distinct answer]

Q: Human and elf loot are superior togargoyle loot.
A: We agree.(人類與精靈的戰利品優於翼魔=> 我們同意)(真的?)

Q: Are the current invasion weapon dropsgoing to be useful for anything?
A: They are yours to keep. The baneproperty on them is very nice.

Q: [Praise for a shard EM, but I could notmake out which shard]

Q: There seems to be an issue with pet AI.Have you looked at it?
A: We haven’t looked at it at this time.Please let us know about specific problems.

Q: [Could not hear question]
A: No, not at this time

Q: Most of the invasion weapons arejunk--only the bows with bane and spellbooks are worthwhile.
A: We don’t want to introduce all high enditems at once; we try to cycle through different classes to help minimize powercreep.

Q: Was it intended for mages to spawninitially with a spawn then not spawn anymore?
A: This invasion re-used old code. If we dofuture invasions we will look at this issue again to prevent the most desirableloot from being primarily at the beginning of a given spawn.

Q: Are there any dungeon revamps in theworks?
A: No, not right now.

Q: [Could not hear question]
A: We are talking about adding to thestore. We are putting in a tool that gives you 100% smelting. We are alwayslooking for things to add not as “I win” button but that lets you do somethingin a shorter amount of time. We were talking about a tool that allows yougreater control over resists on an item.

Q: Can we remove SDI from an item?
A: We’ll talk about it.

Q: Can we brew beer?
A: You can already make some liquors andwines. There is an ale table coming out in the horn of plenty and cornucopia.Brewing can be added to the list.

Q: Can we get a tool for CC that will letyou see the hue of an item?
A: That is just a couple lines of code. (將新增傳統客戶端可檢視物品色調的工具)

Q: Can we get longer names on our alcoholbrews?
A: Probably not.

Q: Can we create a blueprint from acustomizable house design for trade with other players?
A: That is more difficult than it sounds.

Q: Can we get a tool to engrave clothes?
A: Mesanna has no problem with that.

Q: Can the vendor cap be raised above 175Mper item?
A: We would have to discuss that.

Q: Can we ever equip our musicalinstruments?
A: It is doable.

Q: Could we get an API added to the clientto make UO Mapper and other programs not rely on UOAssist?
A: We would have to discuss that. It is nota high priority because of resources.

Q: Can goblins get knees?
A: No. However, we will be introducing anitem in the store you can hold in your pack that will let you play a goblin(and potentially other creatures in the future) without using an item slot.

Q: How is the loot determined in the towninvasions?
A: The rank of the npc (recruit being low,general being high, etc.) determines how good the item can be. Drops aredetermined by “top attacker”, which is a bit of a misnomer as it is “anaggregation of the damage you do to the mob, the damage you take from the mob,and the damage that is healed that the mob gives you”; anytime you get a“backpack drop” that is usually the system in play.(所有掉落到背包的機制,都是同一套系統1.對王有敵意的攻擊  2.被王砍掉的血量  3.補回被王砍掉的血量)

Q: What other restrictions will be inEndless Journey?
A: Limited bank access.(EJ帳號只有部分銀行功能)

Q: Will Endless Journey accounts be able todo Fel champ spawns? Specific concern is ghost cams.
A: We will be looking at ghost cams for EJ.Otherwise, we are still evaluating restrictions.

Q: [Could not hear question]
A: No

Q: For Endless Journey, have skill capsbeen considered?
A: Skill caps are not affected by EndlessJourney.(EJ帳號的技能上限並無特別限制)

Q: Is there a way for PKs to contribute tothe Artisan Festival trees?
A: At this time, no. We have talked about holidaycontent that is more geared toward that playstyle.

Q: Can you comment on the future of RaresFests?
A: These are entirely player run. Mesannaonly decorates for them.

Q: Could runics be put in thesewing/blacksmith machines?
A: This would result in high charge runicson production, which happened once and was bad, so probably not.

Q: With Endless Journey coming out, if youlet your account lapse, will your house fall?
A: Yes, at the end of the ninety days.During that period your characters will be inaccessible. After the house fallsthe account will be eligible for Endless Journey.

Q: Can health bars in the Classic Client bemade to only go gray when the player is actually out of casting range?
A: That’s what it should do. We will take alook.(將檢討傳統客戶端的血條,如果不在施法範圍內,將顯成灰色)

Q: Will the town criers incorporate acity-specific board?
A: We can make sure there is one in eachcity.

Q: The invasion armor sets seem to beincomplete. Are there rare pieces?
A: The invasion NPCs drop what theyactually wear. If there are pieces they don’t wear, they won’t drop.

Q: The invasion yumi and crossbow neverdrop.
A: If they are equipped by the invasion NPCthey should be potential drops. They are in the table.

Q: The New Magincia dock is cluttered withburning carts. Will those go away after the invasion?
A: They should automatically delete.

Q: [Something about Artisan Festival treesand Trammel vs Felucca players--could not fully hear]

Q: Can you elaborate on the chat system?What restrictions will Endless Journey have?
A: We are looking into opening all chatchannels to Endless Journey accounts (as opposed to the Help channel thatcurrent trial accounts are restricted to). “Players will be able to potentiallyban other players form chat channels based on the amount of people who areignoring you.”

Q: Can a pulled mount pet bar go grayinstead of disappear when the player remounts it?
A: There are concerns about being able todamage mounts that people are sitting on. It is being looked into.

Q: Bola hit chance was reduced from 100% to50%. Can HCI or skill be made factors over this 50% so it’s not a pure cointoss to put someone on foot?
A: We can look at that when we look at VvV.Bleak thinks it is higher than 50%.

Q: Could you consider lowering the conflagtimer for GM alchemy in PvP?
A: We would have to discuss.

Q: Would you consider adding content toHigh Seas to attract PvP?
A: We would need to do the High Seas 2.0pass before considering PvP-specific adjustments/additions to High Seas.

Q: In future invasions can you make suremages can cast area effect spells? Seventh and eighth circle spells are mostlyunusable for town invasions.
A: To do this we would have to turn off theguards completely, which is not an easy or desirable process.

Q: Are there any plan to update currentlyuseless/underused skills?
A: Not right now.

Q: [Something about turning orange]
A: It sounds like it is working asintended. If you engage with anyone that is orange, you will turn orange too.
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